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Celebrate Neighboring presented by PEA's Lamont Gallery on Thursday, June 22 from 4-6 pm and meet artists from Rockingham county. Swing by after you visit the Exeter Farmers’ Market! The event is free and open to everyone. It will be featuring several RiverWoods Exeter artists including: Ellen Spector Platt, Andrea Williams, Doug Danforth, Roy Alonzo and Jackie Linder. The full exhibition runs from June 20 - July 14, 2017.


Exhibition Location: Lamont on Water
225 Water Street, Exeter, NH*

Date: June 20-July 14, 2017

Reception: Thursday, June 22, 4-6 pm

Open Tuesdays-Fridays: 12-5 Closed Mondays, Saturdays & Sundays. Closed Tuesday, July 4.

* Please Note:

The Lamont Gallery on the Phillips Exeter Academy campus will be closed this summer for repairs. All programs in conjunction with Neighboring will be held at 225 Water Street in downtown Exeter, NH, right next to Swasey Parkway.

Exhibition Details: The Lamont Gallery at Phillips Exeter Academy presents “Neighboring,” a new exhibition that explores — through drawing, painting, fiber arts, photography and mixed media — themes of proximity, distance, the built environment and the natural world. Featuring works by artists and craftspeople living in New Hampshire’s Rockingham County, the exhibition and the gallery’s related, interactive programming invite viewers to meet, talk and linger in the local, as they view the artwork, explore the neighborhood and contemplate what it takes to build community.

Doug Danforth_artist_riverwoods exeter As part of the project, artists were asked to reflect on what makes a good neighborhood and describe the ways that they are involved in their communities. The Lamont Gallery, Frederick R. Mayer Art Center, Phillips Exeter Academy is located just down the road from RiverWoods Exeter at 20 Main Street, Exeter NH.

The Lamont Gallery is not officially a collecting gallery, although they do have a small permanent collection that includes paintings, prints, and outdoor sculptures. The collection includes several paintings by Diego Rivera, four large-scale metal sculptures by Gerald Laing, John James Audubon prints, a painting by George Inness, work by Maud Morgan, and photographs by Yousuf Karsh. The collection is at the gallery and in buildings across campus. Select pieces from the gallery are on loan to other institutions.

Art Show Date: June 20- July 14, 2017

Click to learn more at Lamont Gallery website.



Complete List of Artists | Neighboring:


Renay Allen-Hitzrot, Exeter
Roy Alonzo, Exeter
Francoise Armstrong, Fremont
Dale Atkins, Exeter
Jennifer Benn, Stratham
Annick Bouvron-Gromek, Exeter
Emily Braile, Exeter
Rose Byrant, Exeter
Bill Childs, Exeter
Alonzo Clarke, Newmarket
Lucinda Clarke, Portsmouth
Grace Daly, Newton
Douglas Danforth, Exeter
Karen Desrosiers, Exeter
Lorraine Dilmore, Hampton Falls
Marcy Dovholuk, Exeter
Peg Duffin, Hampton
Stacey Durand, Newmarket
Rick Gerber, Fremont
Patricia Gerkin, Greenland
Roger Goun, Brentwood
Donna Hilton, Raymond
Bruce Jones, Exeter
Rachel Jones, Exeter
Sarah Koff, Exeter
Scott Kuckler, Exeter
Sharon Lee, Exeter
Laurie Levesque, Kingston
Jackie Linder, Exeter
Suzanne Manzi, Seabrook
Aimee Margolis, North Hampton
Duane Martin, Newfields
Elaine K. Miller, Brentwood
Thomas Oxnard, Exeter
George Palethorpe, Exeter
Ellen Spector Platt, Exeter
Nancy Reiss, East Kingston
Rosanna Salcedo, Exeter
Susan Scott, Exeter
Tom Seidenberg, Exeter
Mary Ellen Sheehan, Exeter
Mary Solomon, Kensington
Malcolm Wesselink, Exeter
Kris Weyrick-Scott, Nottingham
Ellen Whitman, Exeter
Andrea Williams, Exeter
Marbet Wolfson, Exeter

Neighboring exhibit - PEAs Lamont on Water