New Faces

By Ana Toomey, Intern at RiverWoods Exeter

To say RiverWoods is a community based on the high quality of relationships is an understatement. My first few weeks at RiverWoods has been an experience unlike any other. Everyone is so friendly and genuinely interested in getting to know you. For example, one of my first few days here I had to take off because I was sick, the next day when I came back in I had employees who I had never even met before asking me how I was doing. Word travels fast here across our 200 acres!

My first couple of days I was assigned to work at our new Durham office in Stratham. I figured since it was my first day we were going to ease into things here but, boy, was I wrong. Everyone who knows the employees here at RiverWoods can agree on is that we are anything but slow paced here. My first day I made around 200 calls to prospective residents for our Durham location. The prospective residents were enthusiastic and very responsive to the information I provided. I was fortunate enough to meet many people I had spoken with, as I attended and photographed the May 23rd Three Chimneys event.

The second event I attended was the “Food, Folks, and Fitness” event. I was very intimidated going into this and any other event because I am the youngest one in the room at almost all times. I really had no reason to feel this way. Everyone here, even the prospective residents appreciate and respect everything that you have to say. I sat down at a few tables during the meal time and was immediately engrossed in conversation.

Overall, my first week at RiverWoods was a great one; I have no complaints. I met great people, great residents with amazing stories, and I am happy that I am now a part of it and it is only the beginning!